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Out today – the Autumn 2016 issue of Court Circular

Zurich Municipal is delighted to announce that the Autumn 2016 issue of Court Circular is now available.

Court Circular is exclusively for your benefit as our valued customer. It features the latest significant judgments from across the courts, enabling you and your organisation to keep up to speed with your responsibilities, review your risk management procedures where appropriate, and maintain and nurture the good reputation your organisation deserves.

This issue features a wide range of judgments from across the courts, covering many relevant topics, including:

  • Employers' Liability – employees disclosing relevant matters to employers;
  • Employers' Liability – the extent of duty to train employees as to obvious risks;
  • Employers' Liability – analysing the precise extent of an employee's exposure to asbestos;
  • Highways – risk-based approach to inspections;
  • Housing – extent of landlord's liability for exterior of premises;
  • Education – injury from failing to wear mouth guard in hockey game;
  • Education – injury from failing to wear sports shoes in static volleyball;
  • Negligence – the defence of illegality;
  • Negligence – the extent of duty owed for consumer knowingly using defective product;
  • Fraud – setting aside settlement when fraud discovered post-settlement

We are proud to provide Court Circular to our valued customers on a bi-monthly basis. If you would like to receive it directly, simply email

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve Court Circular, we would be happy to hear your feedback: just email us at