Sign In<h1>EBOLA Guidance</h1><p>At Zurich Municipal we have received a number of requests for information and advice on Ebola. In particular its implications in regard of policy cover.</p><p>In the first instance, please discuss with your Risk and Insurance Consultant or Underwriter, but if you would like some more technical detail, please see below.</p> <br> <h3>(1) Latest Business Travel or School Journey policies</h3><p>These are characterised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (F&CO) exclusion relating to Dangerous or Unsettled areas:</p><p>Excluding a journey to countries and specific areas in countries where at the time of booking or departure the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are advising against all travel or all nonessential travel.</p><p>This exclusion will not apply to charges and expenses covered under section 7 (Cancellation) where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office publishes such advice after the time of booking the journey</p> <br> <p> <strong>Places where the prevalence of Ebola has provoked a F&CO travel warning </strong></p><p>A trip booked to a territory that is, at the time of booking, subject to either level of F&CO travel warning, is excluded completely. If the advice is imposed after booking, then we will consider a pre-trip Cancellation claim but not an "in-trip" claim.</p><p>Note that the F&CO warning may apply to entire countries or, as in the case Ebola, regions in countries near or bordering those.</p><p>Requests to provide cover to these territories where, for example, the business of a ZM customer requires personnel to be directly involved in combatting the outbreak, may be referred to underwriters for special consideration. However, it should be noted that even if cover were to be agreed then normal levels of medical assistance, particularly repatriation, cannot be held to apply. </p> <br> <p> <strong>Places where cases of Ebola have been confirmed but there is no F&CO warning </strong></p><p>For trips to such locations that are not subject to F&CO warning, claims for cancellation would generally be regarded as “disinclination to travel" which appears as a specific exclusion. </p> <br> <p> <strong>Places where the F&CO issues a new warning to leave the territory after arrival</strong></p><p>This situation may be the subject of a cancellation (curtailment) claim. Specific cover for Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation costs may also apply.</p> <br> <h3>(2) Business Travel or School Journey policies not bearing the F&CO exclusion</h3><p>These following points amount to the need to refer to underwriters any proposed travel to territory affected by Ebola so that an underwriting decision may be made. </p><p>a) there is a requirement under these policies that any adverse circumstances be referred to the Insurer at the time of booking. Adverse circumstances will include proposed travel to territory where there is an Ebola outbreak, and are defined as those that are likely to result in the journey being delayed, cancelled or curtailed.</p><p>b) policies also have a condition that insured persons take all reasonable steps to prevent expense, and carry an exclusion of deliberate exposure to unnecessary danger. Travel to a known Ebola hotspot is likely to fall foul of these conditions.</p><p>c) policies also generally carry an exclusion of travel against medical advice.</p><p>If you would like to discuss any aspect of policy cover, please contact your Risk and Insurance Consultant or Underwriter.</p>2015-02-04T13:03:52Z<h1>Announcement relating to the Governments latest Whiplash Reforms</h1><p>As of the 4th August this year, Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling, announced the latest stage in the Government’s reform programme designed to reduce the cost of car insurance by addressing issues associated with whiplash.</p><p>The attached <a target="_blank" href="/Assets/Lists/Anonymous%20Content/ZM/news/717338001WhiplashLoRes.pdf">Quick Reference Guide</a> pulls together all the latest information, providing you with an overview of the latest reforms and how they may affect you.</p><p>If you have any urgent questions, please do not hesitate to <a href="" title="contact us" class="tablelink">contact us</a>.</p>2015-02-04T13:03:50Z<h1>Education Funding Agency’s Voluntary Risk Pooling Scheme announcement</h1><p>Zurich Municipal has received the communication from the Education Funding Agency (EFA), dated 14th February, which announced the launch of a fixed price risk pooling scheme for free schools and academies on 1st September 2014. This is a voluntary scheme and schools are free to choose the most appropriate provider based on a variety of factors, of which price is just one.</p><p>Like many of our academy and free school customers who have already contacted us, we were surprised to hear news of the insurance supplement funding being withdrawn. The premium charged is a reflection of the very wide cover and extensive support provided, including at the point of greatest need, when a major loss occurs. It is also representative of the claims performance overall for schools where multi-million pound claims are regrettably common place. We feel that Zurich Municipal offers value for money in a competitive insurance market. </p><p>We are currently looking to arrange a meeting with the Department for Education (DfE) to understand the extent of the cover and services provided as well as the implications for our customers.  We will continue to support our academy, free school and local authority customers and partners in understanding the scheme as more detail is released. </p><p>In the meantime, our understanding is the EFA will continue to fund any long term agreements entered into prior to the announcement. We will continue to focus on servicing our customers’ needs now and in the future.</p> We will continue to communicate with our customers and stakeholders as further detail is released.<br>2015-02-04T13:03:50Z<h1>Updated announcement relating to the Education Funding Agency’s Academies risk protection arrangement (RPA)</h1><p></p><p> <strong>**UPDATE** Zurich Municipal have created a new page with Ten questions a school should ask when considering the proposed Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA). Please click <a class="tablelink" href="/municipal/Pages/questions-around-the-RPA.aspx">here</a> to view it</strong>.<br><strong></strong></p><p> <strong>A message to our academy and free school customers:</strong></p><p>We are aware of the latest <a href="" title="Opens new browser window to" class="tablelink">announcement</a> from the Education Funding Agency dated 08 April 2014, following its <a href="/municipal/news/Pages/Migrated-News-3.aspx" class="tablelink">intention</a> to introduce a new voluntary risk pooling scheme.</p><p>We are reviewing this content in detail and what it will mean for you. </p><p>Although your cover will remain unchanged throughout the lifespan of your policy, you will no doubt have some further questions relating to the announcement and what it means for your school. Therefore we will provide a more detailed response as quickly as possible.</p><p>If you have any urgent questions, please do not hesitate to <a href="" title="" class="tablelink">contact us</a>.</p><p>As a leading provider of risk and insurance solutions to academies and free schools, Zurich Municipal remains committed to offer value for money for our customers.</p>2015-02-04T13:03:48Z<h1>​Response to FOI Request for Information on All Risks</h1><p><strong>A number of our customers have received the following Freedom of Information Act request:-</strong></p><p>Dear Sirs</p><p>This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which relates to insurance so should be passed to the Insurance Officer or person responsible for insurance within your organisation.</p><p>Does your organisation insure with Zurich Municipal via their Select group of policies - Yes/No</p><p>If yes, does your organisation have an All Risks - Part K policy under the select group of policies - Yes/No</p><p>This is the policy which provides wider perils cover for higher value items and where All Risks cover is needed. It would normally reside under Part K of the select policies but may the contained in another section depending on how your policies are arranged.</p><p>If the answer is no to either of the above then please discontinue with this FOI and reply as appropriate.</p><p>If you do have an All Risks - Part K (or All Risks policy under another section) then please supply a copy of this document as part of this FOI request and answer the following:</p><p>This question relates to the theft cover under the All Risks - Part K (or All Risks policy under another section) of the select policy which has no specific definition of theft within the policy itself. As such it will be necessary to seek clarification by e-mail from your insurers asking them to confirm whether:</p><p>a) Theft cover is restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises.</p><p>b) Theft cover is not restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises ie day time walk-in theft is covered.</p><p>This question should be easily answered as your insurers are duty bound under the conditions of the Financial Conduct Authority Handbook which contains fundamental obligations of all firms under the regulatory system. Item 7 refers to Communications with Clients - A firm must pay due regard to the information needs of its clients and communicate to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading.</p><p>The question therefore is simple and straightforward requiring a yes answer to either a) or b).</p><p>If an answer is not forthcoming from your insurers or is unclear then please select</p><p>c) No clearly understood answer provided.</p><h3>Zurich Municipal have prepared a standard response to this query. For your information, this response is detailed below:-</h3><p>Dear [customer]</p><p>Thank you for your email and for bringing this matter to our attention. </p><p>We have received the same request from a number of our customers, to which we are offering the following response. </p> <em> <p>Does your organisation insure with Zurich Municipal via their Select group of policies - Yes/No</p> <p dir="ltr">If Yes, does your organisation have an All Risks - Part K policy under the select group of policies - Yes/No</p> <strong> <p dir="ltr">If you do have an All Risks-Part K (or All Risks policy under another section) then we would have no objection to you supplying a copy of the document as part of this FOI request if you think it is necessary </p></strong></em> <p>These are questions to which you, our customer, have the power to respond. As such, we do not believe that they require input or prior agreement from Zurich Municipal. Should you require a copy of any parts of your policy wording please talk to your RIC or underwriter.</p><p>We have also considered the remaining questions, namely: </p> <em> <p>This question relates to the theft cover under the All Risks - Part K (or All Risks policy under another section) of the select policy which has no specific definition of theft within the policy itself.  As such clarification may need to be sought from insurers via e-mail on the following point:</p> <p>a) Is the theft cover restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises.</p> <p>b) Is theft not restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises.</p></em> <p>We are of the opinion that these questions do not relate to a Freedom of Information request. These are requests for advice about your policy. Whilst in an insurance services context of course we would wish to discuss your policy coverage with you should you have any queries. However we are not in a position to provide advice to a member of the public. </p><p>We trust this assists you in the matter. Please let us know if you require any further clarification. </p><p></p><h2>If you have any further queries, please contact your Underwriter or Risk and Insurance Consultant.</h2> 2015-02-04T13:03:45Z