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Zurich Municipal is one of the leading providers of insurance and risk management services in the education sector. We recognise that further and higher education institutions have particular requirements when it comes to insurance and risk management. Our dedicated team of consultants can offer a specialist service and products that are tailored to meet your needs.


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New world of risk: managing risk in a connected landscape. Perspectives on risk for Further Education

The FE sector has faced countless challenges in recent times, and the coming years are set to be no different. Our report highlights the risks and dilemmas faced by further education institutions. On the one hand, the report appreciates the difficulties in understanding and responding to the challenges created and exacerbated by funding cuts which could cause income loss, damage to reputation and even closure. On the other hand, embracing new policies presents additional risks which, if not managed well, could have similar results. Yet, with effective preparation and a full risk management strategy in place, such challenges should not stop FE institutions from fulfilling their vital educational role.

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New world of risk: expanding horizons. Perspectives on risk for Higher Education

The UK Higher Education (HE) sector is highly regarded internationally. Like many sectors it is facing a period of change and challenge; one of the biggest being funding. Our report identifies a number of risks which cover a wide range of issues within the HE sector.

Download the Higher Education risk report

Freezer Guidance

Many universities keep biological materials that need to be kept at very low temperatures. We have produced a Risk Management guide for keeping these kinds of materials.

Download the Freezer Guide

Student Fires

Reading up on fire safety procedures is not going to be top of the 'to do' list for most students at the start of this academic term, but it is homework worth doing.

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